Convincing the Hiring Manager: Better Prep WILL Lead to Better Candidates

Roberts Eglitis

Convince your hiring manager to prepare better

Broadly speaking, hiring managers and recruiters work together based on one of the following two core models:

1. The hierarchical model: The hiring manager tells the recruiter what to do, and the recruiter carries out the project. 

In this scenario, the hiring manager gives the recruiter a list of requirements for the position and checks back when the selection process can begin through candidate interviews. Then, the hiring manager takes over, and the recruiter carries out necessary follow-up tasks and provides input when asked.

2. The collaborative model: The recruiter assumes the role of expert advisor to the hiring manager. 

In this scenario, the hiring manager works with the recruiter to define the job description and ideal candidate profile and then creates a job posting that takes into account both the hiring manager's wishes and the situation in the job market. Throughout the process, both have regular check-ins to tweak the process and make decisions closely together.

As a recruiter, you might be inclined towards a more collaborative approach, reflecting the ethos of teamwork and collaboration prevalent in many modern organizations.

However, this isn't a universally shared view, with some hiring managers and companies resistant to a fully collaborative model. A prime example of this emerged during our recent discussion with the internal recruitment team of a large IT services company. 

There, recruiters routinely receive terse, often imprecise requests for new hires via an internal system. Worryingly, hiring managers seldom make themselves available for additional clarifications, leaving the recruitment team to initiate the process with limited information.

In this case, what arguments can we use to convince our hiring managers that investing time to prepare properly will actually reduce the time-to-hire and increase the likelihood of finding a good fit?

1. What do candidates want to see in the job post?

The number one thing that makes candidates respond to a recruiter’s message, contrary to what recruiters may think, is including the complete information about the job. This is extremely difficult to achieve without conducting a thorough intake interview with the hiring manager. The more complete the job post, the more responses from candidates, the sooner you can hire the right fit.

Developer survey result

Source: data vs Hyperjob webinar attendee poll results

2. Clear ideal candidate profiles make it easier for hiring managers to evaluate candidates

Not only do ideal candidate profiles help recruiters find candidates, but hiring managers can use them to evaluate candidates according to a specific scorecard, making the process clearer and more efficient for everyone involved. The problem is, you can't do this if you don't take the time to create one in the first place.

3. Better candidate experience

According to a LinkedIn survey, 83% of job seekers said they would change their mind about a job or company they once liked after a bad experience during the hiring process. Some of the most important factors that contribute to a bad experience, according to SoftwareAdvice, are a vague job description (cited by 90% of respondents) and a long time to hire (cited by 83% of respondents). Both are directly related to the preparation of the hiring process.

We hope you never have to deal with a reluctant hiring manager, but in case you do -  these arguments will help you convince them to allocate more time for thorough preparation for your next recruitment project.

For more insights about the preparation phase, check out our guidebook From Clicks to Candidates: How marketing strategies can revolutionize your recruitment. For some practical help, feel free to download our Ideal Candidate Profile or 21 questions you should definitely ask your hiring manager templates.


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