Candidates love Hyperjob:

"I replied because I hadn't seen anything like this. If you had sent me a regular job ad I probably wouldn't respond."

Eugen L.

Head of Sales

“I love the new job ad format. All the information is laid out wonderfully. I wish all the job ads would have this format.”

Rafael C.

System Test Engineer

“I have never seen a job ad like that - it's amazing. Incomparable to anything else."

Petar T.

QA Lead

Get up to
6 times more candidates

We ran the tests. Hyperjob brought in more candidates for difficult-to-fill positions.

  • 3x more qualified applicants for QA Engineer position
  • 6.6x more qualified applicants for Sales Development Representative position

Job ad is where
the conversion happens

Forget about the same old bullet points or walls of text.

Academic research shows that that both the contents and the design of job ads play a pivotal role in candidates' decision to show interest in a particular role.

Great job ads, through language and visuals, allow candidates to imagine themselves as part of your team.

That's easy to do with Hyperjob.

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