Why Hyperjob?

Recruitment needs a marketing makeover

In today's competitive talent market, attracting top candidates to your company is just as crucial as attracting customers to your product.

While product marketing has made tremendous strides, job marketing has fallen behind. Traditional job ads resemble those from the 1990s, and for many recruiters, "automation" means sending a pre-written message on LinkedIn.

We’re here to change that.


Leveraging marketing know-how

At Hyperjob, we’re modernizing recruitment by integrating proven marketing techniques into our talent attraction suite.


more interviews when sourcing

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time saved on sourcing


more positive candidate feedback


From Clicks to Candidates

How marketing strategies can revolutionize your recruitment

We’ve gathered our experience and expertise in our ever-evolving guidebook to help fellow recruiters engage more candidates.

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We believe in talent teams

Janis Kreilis

Janis Kreilis

CEO an Co-Founder

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As the talent markets become more competitive, the companies that thrive will be those that are able to attract and retain the best candidates. This shift will bring talent acquisition to the forefront of business alongside marketing and sales. At Hyperjob, we're here to help companies succeed in this new landscape.


Unlock the power of Hyperjob now.

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Meet Hyperscan AI 👋

We're excited to announce that we've shifted our focus to Hyperscan, our powerful new AI-driven platform for LinkedIn profile analysis and talent sourcing.

With Hyperscan you can:
  • Ask any question about candidates' work history and skills
  • Analyze thousands of profiles in minutes
  • Get AI-generated insights beyond standard LinkedIn filters
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ATS and HRIS.

Interested? Check it out - we have a free trial waiting for you.

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