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Case Study: Hyperjob’s Job Microsites Attract 3x More Candidates For TestDevLab

Janis Kreilis

TestDevLab Hyperjob microsite

TestDevLab is a software quality assurance company that helps startups and tech companies improve products by providing testing services and custom tools. They were looking for quality assurance automation engineers located in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) for remote work and approached Hyperjob to help attract qualified candidates.

We used this opportunity to test out how Hyperjob’s interactive job microsites would impact the prospects’ response rates. Our tests resulted in 3 times more applications by changing just one aspect of the sourcing process - the job post format.

The challenge

Hard-to-fill position

Versatile and experienced QA specialists with a deep understanding of various testing automation frameworks are difficult to find and attract in most developed countries, including the CEE region.

Therefore, together with TestDevLab, we decided to take on this challenge as a full-cycle recruitment project. In this way, Hyperjob was responsible for sourcing, initial outreach, and screening, while TestDevLab took over the hiring process in the selection phase going further only with pre-qualified candidates. For the purpose of the case study, we picked Romania as one of the larger talent markets for tech skills.

For hard-to-fill positions, one of the main challenges is getting the attention of the sourced prospects in the first place. They’re usually seasoned professionals with highly-paid jobs and little interest in new opportunities compared with prospects in other business fields or less senior positions. Since quality assurance engineers are greatly sought after, they also usually already receive plenty of job opportunities. That’s why, this was the perfect audience to test out how different job posts - the hiring funnel part designed to attract candidates - would affect the positive response rates.

The process

A/B testing

First, we manually sourced and pre-screened 500 suitable quality assurance professionals in Romania on LinkedIn. Then, we randomly divided them into two groups of 250 individuals to test out how tailoring the job post format would affect responses.

We then sent both groups automated LinkedIn outreach sequences consisting of three messages:

  1. LinkedIn invite message

  2. Thank you message after accepting the invitation along with the link to the job opportunity

  3. Follow-up message to see whether they were interested if we hadn’t received a reply in several days

For the first group, the link led to a regular LinkedIn job post. Meanwhile, for the second group, the link led to our interactive job microsite - a specialized outbound job post format created by Hyperjob.

Hyperjob microsite for TestDevLab's QA Engineer position
Hyperjob microsite for TestDevLab's QA Engineer position

The results

3x more positive replies

After one week, 7 people among the prospects in the regular job post group agreed to an interview (2.8% positive response rate), while among the prospects in the Hyperjob job pages group, 21 agreed to an interview (8.4% positive response rate), resulting in a threefold increase in the positive response rate!

Results from the A/B test between regular job posts and Hyperjob microsites
We got three times more candidates in our A/B test

Metric methodology: We measured the results for three weeks after the initial outreach message, assuming that after this time no more new interactions would follow.

What’s more, many prospects also reached out to us complimenting the job microsites indicating high prospect engagement.

Prospect feedback on Hyperjob microsites
Here's some great feedback from our prospects

In the end, we could screen 28 qualified candidates in just one week and were able to introduce TestDevLab to enough candidates to start the selection phase and ultimately make their first hire in Romania.

“It was great to see the impact Hyperjob’s job microsites can have on the hiring processes of hard-to-fill positions. Obviously, 500 people is a small sample size, but the results are consistent with the feedback we’re gathering from customers already using our job microsites. As it is a completely new way of creating and viewing job posts, we’re running more tests every month, and the trend has kept up well. We’re able to source more people per role with the same amount of effort. That’s extremely exciting to me.”

- Janis Kreilis, Hyperjob CEO and Cofounder

According to Rita Jevdokimova, Internal HR Manager at TestDevLab, the recruitment process garnered positive feedback from candidates demonstrating the importance of attention to detail in outbound recruitment.

“We received a lot of very positive feedback from candidates during the recruitment process that we went through with Hyperjob, showcasing to us how important a detailed and visually appealing job description is - something that is oftentimes overlooked in the process. Interviewing candidates that were sourced through Hyperjob’s job microsites, we noticed that they were highly motivated as well as more knowledgeable not only about the position but also the company itself which allowed us to improve the quality and effectiveness of our recruitment funnel.”

- Rita Jevdokimova, Internal HR Manager at TestDevLab

Improve your hiring process

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“Since we began using Hyperjob, we've noticed a significant bump in replies from candidates. Regular ads can be a bit boring, but Hyperjob's got this eye-catching format that has impressed both the candidates and the hiring managers.”

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