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We’re on a mission to give recruiters marketing superpowers and bring talent acquisition into the twenty-first century.

Our founders

Janis Kreilis

Janis Kreilis


In previous life: founder of international recruitment agency

Juris Baums

Juris Baums


In previous life: founder of business intelligence consultancy

Roberts Tomme

Roberts Tomme


In previous life: digital transformation lead and data architect


Hyperjob’s story

In 2021, Janis having run his recruitment agency since 2017, had an epiphany. He wondered, "Why do all job posts look the same?" Determined to change that, Janis teamed up with his two childhood friends, Juris and Roberts. Juris, an expert in business intelligence, took on the role of Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, while Roberts, a digital transformation lead with finance experience from JP Morgan, became CFO/COO. Together, they developed job microsites, the core product that sets Hyperjob apart from other recruitment tools. In the early tests, the microsites achieved 600% higher conversion rates. The results encouraged the team to join the Overkill and Antler accelerators, helping them secure their first customers in Europe and the U.S. With a strong founding team and impressive early results, Hyperjob continues to redefine talent acquisition through the power of marketing know-how.



Our founders started working together


We released our job microsites and get 6x more candidates


We joined Antler’s portfolio


We closed our first funding round


We’re releasing our talent engagement suite


We’re releasing our talent sourcing suite

Team photos

Hyperjob team photo
Hyperjob team photo
Hyperjob founders
Hyperjob team photo
Hyperjob team photo
Hyperjob founders

Our values


We have fun working together


We are transparent in what we do


We know why we do what we do


What we do, we do right


We know we can know more

Our investors

Smok VenturesEinar RoosilehtAntlerOverkill VenturesDavis SiksnansMarcus Boström

SIA Hyper has signed an agreement (SKV-L-2022/422 on September 26, 2022) with the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) for receiving support within the framework of the Promotion of International Competitiveness, which is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Meet Hyperscan AI 👋

We're excited to announce that we've shifted our focus to Hyperscan, our powerful new AI-driven platform for LinkedIn profile analysis and talent sourcing.

With Hyperscan you can:
  • Ask any question about candidates' work history and skills
  • Analyze thousands of profiles in minutes
  • Get AI-generated insights beyond standard LinkedIn filters
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing ATS and HRIS.

Interested? Check it out - we have a free trial waiting for you.

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