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Replace your plain-text job posts with Hyperjob's interactive, personalized job microsites. Deliver them to passive candidates with our marketing-inspired recruitment system. Upgrade your sourcing game.

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While product marketing has made tremendous strides, job marketing has fallen behind. Traditional job ads resemble those from the 1990s, and for many recruiters, "automation" means sending a pre-written message on LinkedIn.

We’re here to change that.

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Discover and engage with your ideal candidates

Import candidates from your ATS, LinkedIn, or other public channels and send them eye-catching messages in just a few clicks.

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Convert your candidates with immersive job microsites

Get up to 600% more positive replies pitching your job opportunities using Hyperjob's media-rich job page format.

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Automate the tedious, personalize the meaningful

Deliver a hyper-personalized job post to every candidate through automated email and LinkedIn outreach sequences.

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Get actionable tips to boost conversion

Unlock data-based insights on conversion you won't get elsewhere and get an edge in the talent market.

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Turn talent acquisition into your strategic advantage

For sustained growth, a great team goes hand-in-hand with a great product. Beat others in the hunt for talent with Hyperjob.

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more interviews when sourcing

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time saved on sourcing


more positive candidate feedback

Get started in 45 minutes

Boost conversion across your open roles and get immediate results in three simple steps.

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    create your company profile

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    15 min

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    launch your first job microsite

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    impress your candidates!

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72% of candidates prefer Hyperjob to regular job posts.

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“Since we began using Hyperjob, we've noticed a significant bump in replies from candidates. Regular ads can be a bit boring, but Hyperjob's got this eye-catching format that has impressed both the candidates and the hiring managers.”

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Krists Vitols

Team lead for tech recruitment team

From Clicks to Candidates

How marketing strategies can revolutionize your recruitment

We’ve gathered our experience and expertise in our ever-evolving guidebook to help fellow recruiters engage more candidates.

  • Practical tips from marketing on attraction and conversion
  • Tips on everything from sourcing to building your own talent pool
  • Includes free cheat sheets and templates
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Q & A
  • We have 40+ integrations with major applicant tracking systems (ATS), and we can also integrate with Google, Outlook, and Calendly to deliver a seamless experience.

  • Our professional plans start at $249/month and depend on the number of users, active job posts, and contacts in your ATS. You can start with a free trial, and if you're not ready to commit yet, you can continue on our free starter plan. Reach out to us so we can tailor a plan for your needs.

  • Yes, if you do a lot of outbound recruitment - Hyperjob is designed to boost the conversion of candidates in every step.

  • We blend outreach functionality via email and LinkedIn sequences with our unique job microsites, created specifically for showcasing your job opportunities in a format that candidates enjoy responding to.

  • You can get started in less than 45 minutes. Start your free trial, set up your a company profile, create your first job microsite, and start sourcing in no time. Hyperjob lives in the cloud so there's no installation or lengthy set up required.

  • Job microsites are Hyperjob's unique job page format for showcasing job opportunities. Each microsite features comprehensive information about the company and the position and includes multimedia. What's more, each microsite can be hyper-personalized to every candidate you're reaching out to. The result? 600% more interviews compared to regular job posts.

  • Yes! We offer sourcing-as-a-service to take care of finding and reaching out to candidates so you can focus on selection. Find out more on our Services page.

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Personio SEB EnerKnol Cenos Platform Edurio Gravity Team Cadence Translate Hiring Ink

Trusted by

Personio SEB EnerKnol Cenos Platform Edurio Gravity Team Cadence Translate Hiring Ink