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Full-Stack PHP Developer

@ Hyperjob

We are set for fast growth. This is the perfect opportunity to jump on the ground floor of the elevator that's about to go up. Our startup environment can be the perfect place to launch your career. Learn all the ins and outs of building business.

5 employees Founded in 2021 Seed level start-up Recruitment tech Awesome job ads and hiring kit







Recruitment tech


Awesome job ads and hiring kit




Tech companies

Target customer

Seed level start-up

Maturity stage

About us

Hyperjob's conversion intelligence-enabled job ads supercharge outbound recruitment through job ads that convert sourced candidates 300% better. The company was founded in 2021 by three friends. Two years and hundreds of positive reviews later, we've just finished raising venture capital to help talent teams excel in outbound recruitment worldwide so we're looking to expand our team.

Our values

Transparency Entrepreneurship Growth-mindset Can-do attitude Trust Fun

Our culture

We love to work hard and party hard. We are somewhat nerdy, too, and we love to have fun at the office (we keep saying we haven't really "worked" a single day ever since founding this company). We value honesty, transparency, trust, and commitment. Expect no micromanagement and lots of creative freedom and flexibility so you can do your best work.

About the role

Read all

Base salary




Stock options


Perks and benefits

Flexible hours

Office library

Awesome people

Full exposure to business processes

£100 car insurance (monthly)


2 Me days

free lunch

A healthy 40-hour workweek

Our pitch

Work with founders
Work directly with the people that make the business happen - know all inside-outs of the company, including financial data
Get in on the ground level
We are about to experience fast growth - become the first hire and see the company grow from scratch
Learn, learn, learn
Learn about building internal systems and procedures, learn about attracting investors, learn about marketing strategies and more

Key Duties

35% Communication with stakeholders
Help us in our sales outreach, candidate outreach and investor outreach strategies. We will work together to generate leads, book interviews and so much more.
25% Build company wiki
Help us grow our internal knowledge base by completing market research assignments, taking notes in interviews, meetings and internal discussions.
15% Be the first user
You will be the first user of our product. You will buld marketing campaigns, build Hyperjobs and provide feedback on your experience thus helping us improve the product to clients.
15% Maintain existing and create new procedures
You will participate directly in maintaining and establishing new procedures in the organisation, building good habits that will build the company.
10% Be the Chief Team Spirit Officer (Office administration)
You will make sure everything in office is in its place - water is in the water cooler, milk is in the fridge and the doors are closed if need be.

30-60-90 Day Plan

30 days

Understand the company mission and business model

Understand internal systems and procedures

Can work independently

60 days

Assume responsibility for subprojects

Suggest improvements to company procedures

Have an idea of how your performance is measured

90 days

Reflect on how well you and the company fit together

Understand how company can help you develop personally

Must have tech







Nice to have tech




Other company tech






Integration tests

API tests

QA manager


Unit tests

60% coverage

Agile management


Issue tracking tool


Knowledge repository


Code reviews


Operating system

Windows, macOS

Computer provided

Workstation , 1 monitor

Your Capabilities

Multi project management
You are capable of working in chaotic conditions and define your work based on the desired outcome.
Strategic thinking
You have a personal growth strategy, you know the purpose of joining us and you understand prioritisation well.
Creative problem solving
You can think inside, outside, within and without the box. There is always more than one solution to problems and you are eager to explore them.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
You can express your ideas clearly to both clients, colleagues and investors alike. You like to summarise things and highlight the most important issues.

Track Record

Track record of dedication
You have a proven track record of dedication towards your hobbies, work or anything else. Show us that you have the grit!

Extra credit


Must have

  • University degree


Must have

  • Office Suite
  • Project management tools
  • Communication tools

Extra credit

  • Graphic design tools
  • Social media tools
  • Computer programming
  • Workflow automatisation


Must have

  • Latvian
  • English

Extra credit

  • Russian

Meet your leaders

Roberts Tomme

Co-founder and CFO, COO

We're a tight-knit, friendly, and fun team on our way to supercharge recruitment. If you like new ideas and innovation, drop us a line!

Juris Sorokins

Co-founder and CCO

It's the most exciting journey I've been on. I haven't "worked" a single hour ever since we started Hyperjob since we do a lot of cool stuff.

Jānis Kreilis

External recruiter

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

People on your team

Other stakeholders


  • None


  • Your Move
  • Job applicants
  • Client HR managers
  • VC project managers

Job created

Over a month ago



Start date

1 July 2022

Reply policy

We'll answer to every candidate

Documents required

Secondary school diploma

LinkedIn profile or


Selection process

Resume and High School diploma screening

Roberts Tomme


30 minute video interview with one of co-founders

Roberts Tomme

Co-founder and CFO, COO

Juris Sorokins

Co-founder and CCO

Jānis Kreilis

Co-founder and CEO

Homework assignment
90 minute brainstorming with the co-founders

Roberts Tomme

Co-founder and CFO, COO

Juris Sorokins

Co-founder and CCO

Jānis Kreilis

Co-founder and CEO

Send contract

Juris Sorokins

External recruiter

Additional instructions

Hiring instructions

Office address

Lāčplēša iela 14, Centra rajons, Rīga, LV-1011, Latvia

Your commute to Hyperjob

-- min
-- min
-- min
-- min

Transportation highlights

Near public transit

What's around the office

Where we are globally

Amenities at the office

24/7 access


Bike storage

Pet friendly

Balance board

Office library

Family friendly

Is remote working available?

On particular occasions remote work is possible for a short period of time. However, we believe you would gain most by being with us so this is an in-office position.

Is it OK to send only a resume or do I need to submit both my LinkedIn profile and resume?

Feel free to submit one. We are more interested in your experience and personality than the way you submit your documents.

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Roberts Tomme


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