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Internship in Engineering Simulation

@ Cenos

Boost your knowledge in engineering area with the start as Intern and build astonishing career path with us.

32 employees Founded 5 years ago Growing company SaaS Simulation software

About the role

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Base salary


Contract type

ad.details_ Internship

Seniority level

Entry level

Perks and benefits

Flexible hours

Professional development and fast promotion

Work with real problems and real customers

Our pitch

Get promoted to a full-time position
We will evaluate your performance constantly and promote the best interns to the paid full-time position in 1-6 months.
Experience 500 Startups
CENOS has recently been accepted at the World's leading startup accelerator "500 Startups" in San Francisco. Enjoy unique mentorship and experience exchange as part of the team.
Supportive team
Excellent beginning of engineering career - you will learn from your high professional colleagues.

Key Duties

100% Customer Technical Support
Work with production process simulations of common and custom mechanical part solutions (CV joints, splined shafts, gear and more). Prepare, troubleshoot and teach other engineers on how to build physical models in CENOS.

Your Capabilities

You see challenges as opportunities
You are full of energy and not afraid of difficulties. Step out of your comfort zone does not scare you.
You are a great communicator
You are open-minded, always listen and respect your teammates.

Extra credit

If you have had prior experience in CAD we will consider this a strong bonus on your resume

Office address

Prolongación Tecnológico, Parque Tecnológico, Soriana, 76140 Santiago de Querétaro, Querétaro, Mexico

Your commute to Cenos

-- min
-- min
-- min
-- min

Transportation highlights

Easy public access

Free parking available

Bike stand

What's around the office

Where we are globally

Amenities at the office


Free coffee/tea

Is it possible to manage work and studies?

Yes, we offer flexible working hours and the opportunity to work in shifts.

Will I work with international clients?

Yes! You will have a chance to work with real problems and real customers - engineers from Europe, North America, Brazil, and China.

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Andra Kukaine

People Operations Specialist

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